Quality Assurance/Quality Control in the Constructed Project

Quality and Construction Inspection— Heavy Civil Industry: Dams and Waterways

Remote Sensing and Coastal Wave Research

Air Quality and Transportation at Yosemite National Park

The Relationship Between Air Quality and Transportation

Innovative Wet-Weather Flow Management Systems for Newly Urbanized Areas

Wet Weather Flow Designs for the Future

Performance Measures for CSO Control

Economic Analysis for Stormwater Quality Management

Watershed Modeling Using Remote Sensing

Satellite Altimeter Data in Wave Energy Studies

Global Comparison of ERS-1 SAR with WAM Model Spectra

Measuring Winds and Waves Using Altimeters

Comparison of ERS-1 SAR and Altimeter Wave Heights

Online Absorption Control System for Wave Generation

Urban Runoff Quality Management
This manual comprises a holistic view of urban runoff quality management. For the beginner, who has little previous exposure to urban runoff quality management, the manual covers the entire...

Introduction to Discrete Signals and Inverse Problems in Civil Engineering
This introductory book presents procedures for the analysis of signals and the characterization of systems in civil engineering. The two main topics of this book are at the core of several...

An Approach for Water Quality Management Using Simulations with Spatially Distributed Data

Shoreline Erosion Control Structure: Application of Wastewater Sludge Ash

Control of Multi-Dimensional Wave Motion in Shallow Water





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