Conventional and Fracture Mechanics Tests for Evaluation of Wood-Fiber-Reinforced Plastic Interfaces

An Improved Test Method for Rut Depth Prediction

Seismic Performance of the Yerba Buena Island Tunnel

TDR Monitoring of Overburden Deformation to Verify Modeled Behavior

Investigation of the Properties of a New Continuum Theory through Finite Differences

Imaging Technologies
Techniques and Applications in Civil Engineering
This proceedings includes the papers submitted to the Second International Conference on Imaging Technologies: Techniques and Applications in Civil Engineering sponsored by the Engineering...

Application of Fracture Mechanics to Early-Age Crack Control of Thick Portland Cement Concrete Pavements

Modified Deflection Ratio Procedures for Backcalculation of Concrete Pavements

River Bed Deformation Computed from Shear Stress

A Model for Flow over Flexible Vegetation-Covered Bed

A Head Loss Criterion for Piping, Applied to Levees

The WELLSIM Model for Analyzing Well Hydrodynamics

Cyclic Lateral Loading of Model Pile Groups in Clay Soils

Influence of Site Geometry on Dynamic Liquefaction Displacements

Seismic Discontinuous Deformation Analysis

Estimating Seismic Displacements of Marginally Stable Landslides Using Newmark Approach

Seismic Safety of Embankment Dams: Developments in Research and Practice 1988-1998

Seismic Deformation Analysis of the Upper San Fernando Dam Under the 1971 San Fernando Earthquake

Seismic Response of the Pantabangan Dam Complex in the 1990 Philippine Earthquake

Seismic Analysis and Performance of Retaining Structures





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