A Progress Report on the Large Block Test

Scoping Analysis of In Situ Thermal-Hydrological Testing at Yucca Mountain

Uniaxial Compression Behavior of Small Blocks of Welded Tuff

Physical Modeling to Determine Head Loss at Selected Surcharged Sewer Manholes
The head losses at sewer pipe junctions (manholes) under surcharged conditions were measured in a 1:6 scale model of a typical manhole with one main line passing through it and two perpendicular...

Sediment Deposition in the Navigation Approach Channel of Three Gorges Project
In this paper, a comparison is made between the problems of sediment deposition in the navigation approach channel of Gezhouba and Three Gorges Project. The investigation shows that the...

Engineering Design Considerations for Artificial Lungs

Biomechanics and Testing of Mechanical Circulatory Support Devices

Changes in the Host to Biomaterial Surface-Blood Contact; Activation of Host Components

Platelet Activation in Time Varying Shear Flow Field

Engineering a Novel Intravenous Oxygenator

Fundamental Thermal Mechanical Modeling of Gas-Filled Porous Composites

Time Domain Fundamental Solution to Nonclassical Thermoelasticity with One Relaxation Time Part II: Two-Dimensional Solution

Theory and Simulations of Relaxation and Cyclic Granular Flows

Critical State Model at Finite Strains

Biaxial Mechanical Behavior of Bovine Pericardium as a Bioprosthetic Material

Coupled Processes of Gas Hydrates Dissociation and Fluid Filtration in Saturated Porous Media

A New Method for Solving Large Deformation Problems

The Viscoelastic-Large Deformation Response of the Taylor Impact Cylinder

Effective Moment of Inertia of Elasto-Plastic Beams

Computation of Velocity Fields of Intravenous Balloon Pumping





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