Testing a Multi-Tiered Stress-Gradient Model for Risk Assessment Using Sediment Constituents from Coral Reef Environments
Coral reefs are threatened worldwide by stresses ranging from local to global in extent. Local stresses range from boat/ship groundings and sewage outfalls to dredging and coastal clearing....

Possible Sand Resources on the Reef Front Around Oahu
Large sediment deposits on the reef front around Oahu are a possible resource for replenishing eroded beaches. An overview is given on the collection of closely spaced, high-resolution...

Solid Ground
The densely populated island nation of Singapore has no choice but to be creative in devising strategies for disposing of solid waste. With its tiny land mass and the fact that its single...

Development of a Sediment Budget for the West and Southwest Coasts of Barbados

Modeling the Mighty Burdekin River in Flood

The Development of an Australian National Oceans Policy

Results of a Temperate Reef Marine Reserve Study and Implications for Use of Marine Reserves in Nearshore Fisheries Management

An Ocean Outfall as an Artificial Reef: Impacts to the Benthic Environment and a Balanced Indigenous Population

Adaptive Dredged Material Discharge for the Port of Miami

A Numerical Model of Low Frequency Wave Motion on a Beach and over Reefs

Hydraulics of Two-Layer Exchange Flow Over a Sill

The Morphodynamics of a Sill in the Schelde Estuary (The Netherlands) and the Influence of Maintenance Dredging Activities

Effects of Bottom Steepness on Long-Period Waves

Steady Flow Over an Obstacle with Contraction and Sill

Flow Separation and Mixing Caused by Sills in Two-Layer Flow

Application of the Model SPECIES to Kaneohe Bay, Oahu, Hawaii

McAlpine Intake Model Study for Innovative Lock Design
The McAlpine Locks and Dam Project is located on the Ohio River near Louisville Kentucky. Construction of an additional 33.53-m-wide (110 ft) by 365.76-m-long (1200 ft) navigation lock...

The Gulf of Aqaba: A Common Cause in the Middle East Peace Process

Alternative Wave Attenuation Strategies for Marinas and Waterfronts

Theory and Observation of Currents and Setup Over a Shallow Reef





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