Multiscale Shore Variability at Two Coasts

Shear Stresses and Hydrodynamics of Combined Waves and Currents

A Morphology Model to Predict Erosion Near a Seawall

Morphological Impact Assessment of Artificial Islands for the ├śresund Link Between Denmark and Sweden

Stochastics of Sediment Transport, Shore Evolution and Their Input

Influence of Seabed Topography and Roughness on Longshore Wave Processes

Remote Sensing of the Polish Coasts Morphology

Sea-Level Rise Predicted

Simulation of Three-Dimensional, Non-Hydrostatic Free-Surface Flows for Estuaries and Coastal Seas

Modelling Eddy Formation in Coastal Waters: A Comparison between Model Capabilities

Development of a Large-Scale Tidal Circulation Model for the Mediterranean, Adriatic and Aegean Seas

Can Numerical Estuarine Models be Driven at the Estuary Mouth

Optimized Boundary Conditions for Coastal Modeling

Hindcast Simulations of Ocean Currents in the Norwegian Coastal Waters. Part 1: Model Set Up and Sensitivity Tests

Hindcast Simulations of Ocean Currents in Norwegian Coastal Waters; Part 2: Summary of the Main Results

Optimal Fitting of a Model to Observations of Sediment Concentration in the Irish Sea

An Evaluation of Tidal Predictions in the Yellow and East China Seas

Advanced Seawater Desalination Plant
A project that will demonstrate an enhanced seawater desalination process that operates in combination with upgraded existing coastal power plants to meet part of the projected water needs...

Artificial Recharge Using Inflatable Rubber Dams
Artificial recharge of ground water is a necessity in Orange County, California, where natural recharge is insufficient to satisfy water demands. Orange County is part of a semiarid coastal...

Watershed Management for a Limited Coastal Aquifer System
Developing a watershed strategy, which incorporates key issues of a particular watershed, may entail the coordination of several different agencies. Work performed by the USGS, local public...





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