Dried Lakes Do Tell Tales: Seismic Soil Amplification in Mexico City
Mexico City is a vibrant, urban metropolis — a living and breathing example of an "old layered city," where past civilizations coexisted with one another. Standing more than 2.2 km above sea level, surrounded...

Geotechnics of the Suez Canal Construction: 150 Years Old, but Nearly Four Millennia in the Making
Construction of the Suez Canal created one of the most important waterways in the world, connecting the Mediterranean and Red Seas. Its construction from 1854 to 1869 created three cities, Port-Said, Ismailia,...

Restoration Through Reclamation
The people of the Netherlands have a long history of reclaiming land from the sea. In one of the lasted examples, the construction of an artificial archipelago represents a remarkable collaboration among...

A Moving Mystery
Along the southeastern edge of California’s Salton Sea, there are areas that contain geothermal mud pots and mud volcanoes—Geological features that may change shape, but never location. In 2016, a large,...

Stabilizing the Cliffs of Alcatraz Island: It My Be "The Rock," but it Still Needs Attention!
California's Alcatraz Island was described by some early explorers as an unusually lush rock sticking out of the sea. The rock on the island consists of shale and sandstone members of the late Mesozoic-aged...

A Sunken Submarine Full of Mercury: Safe, Controlled Construction of a Counter Fill for Seabed Slope Stabilization at about 155 to 177 Meters
On December 5, 1944, with World War II still raging and peace in Europe still six months away, the German submarine U-864 set out on her maiden voyage on a secret mission to deliver strategic war supplies...

Raising Gatun Lake
Raising the maximum operating level of Gatun Lake was one of the four main undertakings of the Panama Canal expansion project. Its goal was to increase the storage capacity for water used for human consumption...

A Simple Model to Predict Soil Resistance to Driving for Long Piles in Deepwater Normally Consolidated Clays
As the exploration and development for offshore oil and gas reserves moves into the deepwater environment of the continental slope, a good model is necessary to evaluate drivability of...

Quantifying Regional Risk Profiles Attributable to Sea Level Rise

Sea Level Changes Results from the IPCC 2007 Report and Subsequent Results

Is the Rate of Sea Level Rise Increasing? An Analysis Based on U.S. Tide Gauges

The U.S. Navy's Approach to Climate Change and Sea Level Rise

A Toolkit for Sea Level Rise Adaptation in Virginia

Response to Sea Level Rise in Coastal Communities: A Virginia Case Study

Sea Level Rise and the Impact of Lesser Storms

Vulnerability and Governance for Adapting to Sea Level Rise

Defining Coastal Science Needs of the Engineering Community for Meeting the Challenge of Sea Level Rise

Southern Swell Observed at Oceanside, California

Seawalls, Seacliffs, Beachrock: What Beach Effects? Part 1

Seawalls, Seacliffs, Beachrock: What Beach Effects? Part 2





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