Modeling Settlements of an Existing Municipal Solid Waste Landfill Sideslope Using an Earthen Surcharge Pile
This paper discusses the results of a large-scale field compressibility test completed on municipal solid waste (MSW). The test consisted of surcharging the waste mass with an earthen...

The Influence of Kiln Atmosphere on Clinker Characteristics

Use of Wastes as Fuels in the Cement Industry: Pros & Cons

Mineral Admixtures for Concrete - An Overview of Recent Developments

Cementing Action in Non-Portland Cement Systems: Sulpho-Pozzolanic and Silico-Pozzolanic Reactivity

Environmental Issues and Management of Concrete Waste in Japan

Waste Minimization and Recycling by Microfiltration during Nitrocellulose Manufacturing
A plant survey was conducted to determine the amount of nitrocellulose (NC) discharged with process water from each of five sequential NC purification processes. Wastewater samples were...

Beneficial Use of Ash: An Innovative Approach to Sludge Management
Disposal of ash resulting from the incineration of municipal sewage sludge has historically been a relatively easy, albeit, expensive requirement. The traditional method of disposal is...

Modifying One of the Nation's Most Successful Biosolids Lime Stabilization Operations
Since 1978, the Vallejo, California, Sanitation and Flood Control District has managed a tremendously successful biosolids program consisting of lime stabilization and agricultural land...

Denitrification Inhibition by High Nitrate Wastes
The adaptation of activated sludge and inhibition of denitrification at high nitrate concentrations was studied using pH controlled bench-scale sequencing batch reactors (SBRs), operated...

Utilization of Waste Solvent Fuels in Cement Manufacturing

Utilization of Fossile Fuels Combustion Waste

The Use of Secondary Products in the Cement and Concrete Industry

Construction Use of Polyester Composite Using Recycled PET

The Use of Recyclable Waste Materials in Hot Mix Asphalt Concrete Highway Pavements

Use of Recycled Tire Rubbers in Concrete

Use of Waste Rubber in Light-Duty Concrete Pavements

Recycled Material

Utilization of Waste Materials in Highway Construction

Constructing Beneficial Use Dredged Material Projects





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