This chapter discusses recruiting and offers advice on how to more effectively recruit new, quality civil engineers. Topics include recruiting via the internet, job fairs, and employee...

The Construction Labor Force in the 21st Century

SCHEREC: SCHedule RECovery System
Creating a revised plan requires experience and significant time. To lessen the effort involved, a knowledge-based system named SCHEREC (SCHedule RECovery) was developed which suggests...

Attracting Students for the 21st Century

Preparing the Transportation Professional for the 21st Century

Transportation Student Recruitment Resources

Surveying and Geodesy in the Exploration and Production of Oil and Gas

Students—The Future of Civil Engineering

Issues to Improve the Status of Minority Students in the Civil Engineering Profession

Quality and Needs of Civil Engineering Education

Selling Civil Engineering to High School Students

Increasing & Sustaining Diversity in the Workforce

Activity of the ASCE Committee on Career Guidance

Developing Career Guidance Programs for Transportation Engineering

Getting the Most From Engineering Consultant
The Los Angeles County Transportation Commission ('LACTC') has embarked upon a 150 mile rail transit construction program within Los Angeles County. A program...

Educating 21st Century Highway Engineers Industry Perspective of Highway Engineer Needs
Civil engineering firms are being confronted daily with the twin issues of recruiting and retaining qualified staff. On highway engineering three factors have converged in the last year...

Computer Estimating System-Design / Implementation
The Ball, Ball and Brosamer (BBB) Construction Company of Danville, California recognized the need to computerize their estimating process in the fall of 1981. This paper is a narrative...

Recruiting, Motivating, Rewarding
Aspects of personnel management are discusased in relation to the engineering profession. The first section of these proceedings includes a report on orientation of the new employee and...

Human Resource Management: Turnover or Retention

Corps of Engineers Navigation Structure Maintenance





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