This chapter discusses recruiting and offers advice on how to more effectively recruit new, quality civil engineers. Topics include recruiting via the internet, job fairs, and employee...

Becoming an Expert Witness
Civil engineers are often called upon to testify in civil suits, and most often their testimony is given in the form of a recorded deposition, which may or may not be used later at a trial....

Branching Out
For small engineering firm owners who are interested in enlarging their businesses, adding a new service of specialty is a good way to satisfy clients and keep up with the competition....

Newsletters That Deliver
A newsletter consultant and business manager for a small engineering firm explains how to create an effective newsletter for new and potential clients. Among the necessary steps are establishing...

Marketing is Everyone's Job
While good management, strategic planning and a good reputation certainly contribute to a firm's growth and higher profits, most successes can be credited to an aggressive...

The Construction Labor Force in the 21st Century

Understanding ISO
Many U.S. consulting firms are being registered under the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 9000 series, which set standards for business conduct to achieve quality....

CAD for Small Hydro Projects
The quest to reduce design costs and improve design quality by raising productivity is familiar to every manager and designer. This article examines how CAD can play a role by examining...

SCHEREC: SCHedule RECovery System
Creating a revised plan requires experience and significant time. To lessen the effort involved, a knowledge-based system named SCHEREC (SCHedule RECovery) was developed which suggests...

Water on Stone
Schal Bovis, a Chicago construction-services firm, has shown that Japan is not entirely a closed market. With more than a dozen major Japanese projects under its belt, it has broken through...

Attracting Students for the 21st Century

Preparing the Transportation Professional for the 21st Century

Transportation Student Recruitment Resources

Developing Career Guidance Programs for Transportation Engineering

Surveying and Geodesy in the Exploration and Production of Oil and Gas

Students—The Future of Civil Engineering

Issues to Improve the Status of Minority Students in the Civil Engineering Profession

Activity of the ASCE Committee on Career Guidance

Quality and Needs of Civil Engineering Education

Selling Civil Engineering to High School Students





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