Hollyhills Drain Relief for 1920s Drainage System
The paper will discuss design and construction problems encountered for a $50,000,000 Urban Storm Drain System in the Metropolitan Los Angeles Area. The Drainage System relieves a system...

Economic Impact of Managing Sea Water Intrusion
Sea water intrusion into a coastal aquifer may result from continued over extraction of the aquifer. In many coastal communities, sea water intrusion has led to artificial recharge programs...

Extracting Watershed Characteristics from Spatial Digital Data Using GIS, A Case Study of the Great Miami River Basin

Operation and Maintenance of Ground Water Facilities
The objective of this manual, Operation and Maintenance of Ground Water Facilities (Manual 86), is to point out the many factors that need...

Numerical Simulation of DNAPL Emplacement and Redistribution in Heterogeneous Porous Media at the M Area of the Savannah River Site

Monitoring of Wetlands, Wet Ponds, and Grassed Swales

Soft Ground Not Easy Ground for TBM
The King County Department of Metropolitan Services (formerly called Metro), faced with the need to transfer wastewater from the West Seattle drainage basin to a secondary treatment plant...

Digital Mapping for General Planning and Master Drainage Planning Tampe Port Authority

A Watershed Approach to Urban Stormwater Management Integrating Federal, State and Local Objectives

Stormwater Retrofitting Techniques for Water Quality Benefits

Effectiveness of Detention Based Stormwater Management on the Brandywine

Issues in Water Rights Modeling

Standardizing the Shared Use of Transboundary Water Resources

Klamath Basin: Integrated Water Resources Management

A Methodology for the Assessment of Cumulative Impacts of Section 404 Clean Water Act Permitting: The Santa Margarita Watershed Case Study

Catch Basin Management: An Important CSO Technique

Lessons Learned From The Great Flood of 1993

Conjunctive Use and Groundwater Management

Pilot Program To Demonstrate Cost-Effective Solution To Groundwater Overdrafting in Ventura County, California

Implementing an Artificial Recharge Program in an Alluvial Ground Water Basin in Southern California





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