Creep Model for Constant Stress and Constant Strain Rate

Finite Element Implementation of Viscoplastic Constitute Relations

Shoreline Changes Downdrift of a Littoral Barrier

Sand Transport Limits in Coastal Structure Designs

Wharf Design and Construction - Port of Oakland

Dock Renovation in Corpus Christi-Aspects of Fendering

Predicting Transport on Beaches: The State of the Art Relative to Rivers

Performance of Air Slots in High Velocity Chutes

Sediment Transport in the Kankakee River Basin

Computed Sediment Transport Rates Using Time-Dependent Bed Shear

Fluctuations in Irrigation Water Deliveries

Direct Gas Emission Measurement Techniques and the Utilization of Emissions Data from Hazardous Waste Sites

Cape Formation as a Cause of Erosion on Adjacent Shorelines

NFIP — Individual Risk Rating for Coastal Areas

Some Interactions in Flow-Induced Motions of Tubes

Random Piping Responses to Condensation Oscillation Loads

Acoustic Emission and Birefringence Behavior of Epoxies

A Strain-Rate Dependent Damage Model for Concrete

Stochastic Model of Incipient Sediment Motion
A stochastic model of incipient sediment motion is developed. The probability of incipient motion, the life distribution of stationary particles, the number distribution of particles in...

Bed Load Fluctuation: Applications
Based on the distribution of transport rate, the fluctuation of bed load and its application to hydrological measurement have been studied. The variance and coefficient of variation of...





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