Annual and Seasonal Variations of Phosphorus Loads in the Okanagan River
Results of monitoring of phosphorus loads in the Okanagan River channel linking Okanagan, Skaha and Osoyoos Lakes are described. The southern Okanagan basin is the area where major changes...

Comparing Flood Stage-Discharge Data—Be Careful!
A long term stage-discharge record is extremely valuable data. However, simplified applications of long term records to draw sweeping conclusions about man's effects should...

Prediction of Shoaling in Estuarial Channels: A Microcomputer Application
Shoaling rates at three predominant areas of sedimentation in the Hooghly River estuary, India, have been predicted using a sediment transport model run on an IBM compatible microcomputer....

SWRRB.80: A Basin Scale Model for Microcomputers
The SWRRB (Simulator for Water Resources on Rural Basins) model was developed by the USDA Agricultural Research Service to simulate the daily stream flow, and sediment loads from agricultural...

Libby Rereg's Combined Spillway and Powerhouse
The existing powerhouse at Libby Dam, located near Libby, Montana has four generating units for a total of 420 MW. Provisions have been made which will allow doubling the plant rating...

Automation of Booster Pump Stations
Several techniques have been used to automate booster pump stations for irrigation conveyance systems. These pump stations typically must supply pressurized water for a wide range of flow...

Response of Semi-Submersibles in Ice Environment
The dynamic response of moored semi-submersibles to forces imposed on them by ice floes and bergy-bit/growler impacts is studied. Ice forces on the vertical columns of the semi-submersibles...

Rating Pavements by Computer
Pavement rating is a necessary and labor-intensive job and one with a high turnover rate of personnel. Also, rating scores are often inconsistent from day to day, or between different...

The Role of High Rate Pretreatment Processes in Modern Water Filtration Plants

Design of Rapid Infiltration Systems

Membrane Separation Processes in Waste Treatment

Finite-Strain Axial Analysis of Piles in Clay
In the late 1970's, a series of research projects developed simple effective-stress methods to predict the axial capacity of piles in normally-consolidated clay. The method...

Instrumental Impact Testing of Brittle Materials

Measurements of Concrete Response at High Stresses and High Strain Rates

Creep Model for Constant Stress and Constant Strain Rate

Finite Element Implementation of Viscoplastic Constitute Relations

Shoreline Changes Downdrift of a Littoral Barrier

Sand Transport Limits in Coastal Structure Designs

Wharf Design and Construction - Port of Oakland

Dock Renovation in Corpus Christi-Aspects of Fendering





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