Cover Allocation in Rangeland Watershed Management (A Review)
The importance of cover on rangelands has been recognized for many years. This paper reviews the importance of cover in terms of infiltration and erosion and provides management recommendations...

Simulation of Natural Resource Systems
Desertification, defined as the loss in productive capacity of the land, has spawned research in decision making involving multi-objective situations. In this study, computer simulation...

Soil Movement and Surface Roughness on Wyoming Rangelands
Soil movement and surface roughness parameters were evaluated as a function of response to livestock grazing and semiarid shrub control treatments. Repeated elevation measurements of erosion...

Erosion, Productivity and Rangeland Watershed Planning
The Bureau of Land Management is responsible for the management of over 160 million acres of rangeland in the western United States. The principal uses of these rangelands are the grazing...

Streamflow Measurement and Analysis for Northwest Rangelands
Watershed hydrologic and sedimentation investigations on the Reynolds Creek Experimental Watershed in southwest Idaho were initiated in 1960. Major objectives of the watershed research...

Reducing Salinity of Surface Runoff from Rangeland

Watershed Parameters as Influenced by Grazing

Riparian Response to Certain Grazing Management

Unconfined Grazing and Bacterial Water Pollution—A Review

Universal Soil Loss Equation and Rangelands

Sediment from a Small Summer Grazed Watershed

Range Treatment Effects on Infiltration Rates

Contour Furrowing as a Range Management Practice

Watershed Management in Action on the Boise Front

Erratum for Wyoming Grassland May Become World Coal Mining Capital

Wyoming Grassland May Become World Coal Mining Capital
In the next 10 years United State coal output may double, and forecasts suggest as much as one-third of the increase may come from Campbell County, Wyo. Among topics discussed in this...

Idaho Rangeland Watershed Management and Research

Study of Rangeland Soil Movement Characteristics





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