Beach Cusp Formation: Analysis of a Self-Organisation Model

Shoreline Change by Waves, Wind, and Tidal Current: Corpus Christi Bay, Texas

Sedimentation and Harbor Hydrodynamics at U.S. Coast Guard Station, Port Huron, Michigan

Argus-Based Monitoring of Intertidal Beach Morphodynamics

Profile Development under Storm Conditions as a Function of the Beach Slope

Assessment of Wave Propagation Effects on a 1925 Pipeline with Oxyacetylene Girth Welds

Roughness Wavelengths Induced by Frost Heave

Coastal Dynamics '97
This proceedings, Coastal Dynamics '97, consists of papers presented at the third Coastal Dynamics Conference held in Plymouth,...

Ocean Wave Measurement and Analysis
This proceedings, Ocean Wave Measurement and Analysis, consists of 117 papers presented at the Third International Symposium on Ocean Wave...

Assessment of California's Ocean Wave Energy Recovery

Littoral Cell Management Planning Along the Oregon Coast

Changing Wave Climate and Littoral Drift Along the California Coast

Profile Variation Under Storm Conditions in the Area of Playas de Tijuana, B.C., Mexico

Coastal Process Cyclicity

Fight Against Erosion of the Caucasus Coast

Locating the Landward Limit of the Mean High Water Line

Results of the Coastal Waves Meteorological Project: Analysis of the Santa Barbara Channel Data

The Effect of El Niño on Coastal New Production

Pile Load Test Program—Kwajalein Drydock

Evaluating Operational Impact of Waves Along Proposed Harbor Piers





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