Flood Damage Estimates Using GIS Spatial Analysis
The catastrophic flooding in the midwest during the Summer of 1993 and in California in the Spring of 1995 resulted in flood damage estimates in the hundreds of millions to billions of...

Effective Management and Control of Urban Flood Disasters in West Africa
This paper begins by examining the characteristics of the impacts of flood disasters in the urban centers of West Africa. The paper then examines some significant examples of individual...

Characterization of Turbulent Scales in Atmospheric Wind by Orthonormal Wavelets

Vibration Absorber for Offshore Structures: Frequency-Domain Analysis

Response Spectral Densities of Stochastically Excited Nonlinear Systems

Frequency Distributions and Bayesian Techniques for Estimating Performance in Composite Materials

Ice Loads

Improvements to the Snow and Rain Provisions of ASCE Manual 7

The Swinging Pendulum: A Receiving System Perspective

Model Validation for Runoff Pollution from Urban Watersheds

Uncertainty Analysis in Non-Point Source Water Quality Management Decisions

The Alberto Flood of 1994: Water Management and Flood Forecasting Aspects

Flood Warning System Product Usage Patterns

Site-Specific Probable Maximum Precipitation (PMP): Great Miami River Drainage in Southwestern Ohio

Issues in the Estimation of IDF Curves

Estimating Demand Variability

Comparison of Distributive vs. Lumped Rainfall-Runoff Models on Goodwin Creek Watershed

Grass Integrated Synthetic Sediment Routing Model (GISSRM)

System Identification Using Output Measurements

Random Vibration Analysis of Dynamic Systems with Frequency Dependent Parameters or Fractional Derivatives





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