The Transportation System for the New Hong Kong International Airport
The decision by the Hong Kong Government in 1989 to relocate the city airport at Kai Tak had resulted in the largest infrastructure project ever undertaken in Hong Kong in recent times....

Hong Kong's Public Transport System: Harmonizing Choice, Diversity and Urban Integration
The benefits of integrating railways with land use planning and active urban development and why this is rather successfully achieved in Hong Kong are discussed. The people of Hong Kong...

Stream Stability and Scour Training in Support of the NBIS

Training for Bridge Inspectors in Stream Stability and Scour

Rebuilding a Railroad Bridge
The Peck Movable Bridge and Bridgeport Viaduct is a four-track crossing in Connecticut that serves three rail lines. The 1904 bridge had deteriorated, causing a kink that forced trains...

Characterization of Track Substructure Performance

Concept of Ensuring the Serviceability of the Roadbed of the Berkakit-Tommot-Yakutsk Railway on Sections of Very Icy Permafrost

Engineering Education in the 21st Century: A Practitioner's Perspective

A Multimedia CD-ROM Based Instructional Tool for the Design of Temporary Structures

A Check Point Approach to Trapped Vehicle Detection

Development of the Railway Concentrating Transport in China

The Building of Modern Logistics Center in Railway

Network Hierarchy Parallel Algorithm of Automatic Train Scheduling

The GI/G/I Queuing Model in the Operation Procedure of the Railway Marshaling Station

Simulation of Traffic Organization with Raising the Speed of Passenger Trains

Layout and Assignment of Passenger Station in RJT

A Simulation System of Train Operations

Research on Dynamic Properties of the Train Operating Diagram with Multi-Redundant Time Distributions

Optimizing Adjustment Plan on High-Speed Railway

Management Information System for Railway Train Working Graph (RTWG) on Railway Networks





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