Car Storage and Maintenance Area of Pittsburgh's Stage I Light Rail Transit System

The South Station Transportation Center in Boston

A Bus/Rail Transit Center in Palo Alto

San Francisco Regional Transit Terminal Project

Planning, Design and Construction of Bus Facilities at San Diego Trolley Stations

Rail/Bus Passenger Transfer Facilities - L.A./San Diego Corridor

Balancing Development and Transportation Objectives in Transportation Center Planning

Rehabilitation of the MBTA Dorchester Red Line

Reconstruction of an Existing Freight Line for Carrying Transit Passengers

Seikan Undersea Tunnel
The 5.5m diameter Seikan Tunnel in Japan will extend 54 kilometers, crossing under the Tsugaru Straits. When completed the –2 billion tunnel will be the longest in the world, and will...

Lifeline Earthquake Engineering
The Current State of Knowledge, 1981
An examination of recent strong earthquakes suggests that earthquake engineering should be strengthened and institutionalized in the lifeline field, specifically public utilities. The...

Historic Preservation of Engineering Works
The preservation of historic industrial and transportation engineering works is examined. Preservation is reviewed in the context of history, and preservation through recording is explored....

FAST: Computer-Assisted Evaluation of Railroad Hardware Performance

Determination of Track Gage Widening Parameters

Logit Analysis of Transit Station Access

Station Square: Adaptive Use on a Grand Scale

Atlanta Airport Terminal Complex
The passenger terminal complex at Atlanta's Hartsfield International Airport has a unique configuration, conceived to minimize the inter-plane transfer of passengers. The...

Big New Radio Telescope Array Listens in on Space
The world's most powerful radio telescope is so sensitive that it can detect a small CB rig operating on a distant planet. The Very Large Array (VLA) Radio Telescope Facility...

What's Wrong with U.S. Transportation Infrastructure—
Federal spending for public works is being cut back. State, county and city administrations will have to bear a larger share of the load. In the case of railroads, in some areas, track...

Investigation of Railroad Subgrade Properties





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