Ground-Borne Noise and Vibration from Rail Transit Trains

Coal Terminal
The Charleston Shipyard River Coal Terminal was constructed by converting a port-side chemical plant at a third of the cost of equivalent major coal terminals. A staged program for the...

The Lateral Vibration of Bridge Under the Freight Cars

Analysis of Concentric Stiffened Cylinders

Peachtree Center Station is the only mined transit station in the U.S. using reinforced native rock for permanent support. The station, serving some 34,000 patrons a day, is the largest...

The Newest Transshipment Terminal on the Great Lakes

Reconstruction of a Grain Loading Jetty with Minimum Downtime

Important Aspects of Port/Railroad Interface

Dynamic Forces in Continuous Slab Railway Tracks

Fracture and Fatigue Life Control Design of Bridges

Probabilistic Fatigue Analysis of Freight Cars

Journal of Transportation Engineering
The Journal of Transportation Engineering contains technical and professional articles on the planning, design, construction, maintenance, and operation of air, highway, rail, and urban transportation,...

Cold Regions Engineering in Norway
The use of insulating materials is a key factor in cold regions engineering in Norway. It is applied in road construction in areas where frost heave and reduced bearing capacity would...

Bloomington Lake—Potomac River Water Resources Project
The recently completed $174 million Bloomington Lake project has improved flood control and water quality to the benefit of millions of people downstream. The headwaters of the Potomac...

The San Diego Trolley
(1981 OCEA Special Achievement Award in Cost-Effective Public Transit.) The 16-mile long San Diego Trolley system, a light-rail transit project...

Bridge Impact due to Wheel and Track Irregularities
The impact factors in bridge members due to flat wheels and track irregularities were investigated. The maximum wheel flat height was taken as 0.2 in. (5 mm), maximum pier settlement as...

Predicted and Measured Resilient Response of Track
Field measurements were made at the Facility for Accelerated Service Testing (FAST) research track in Pueblo, Colorado to determine the magnitude of resilient or elastic stresses, strains...

Time Space Scheduling Method
A construction scheduling technique is presented which is, in many cases, more advantageous than bar charts and network schedules, particularly for repetitive activities and for scheduling...

Design Considerations for Rail Transit Vehicle Maintenance Facilities

Buffalo's Recycled Railroad Terminal Complex





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