Computer Applications in Structural Analysis and Design
The computer programs have been increasingly used in structural analysis and design to improve productivity. The computer applications in areas of automatic member and foundation design...

Computerized Building Settlement Analyses for a Contaminated Groundwater Remediation Project
The use of spreadsheets is becoming ever more popular in the practice of civil engineering. Engineers are able to use this tool to meet deadlines which were once insurmountable. This paper...

Addendums to the Prediction Package

Predicting the Settlement of the Texas A&M Spread Footings on Sand

Settlement Prediction of Spread Footing Based on Laboratory Test Results

Load - Settlement Predictions for Spread Footing Event

Estimation of Spread-Footing Settlement on a Sand Subgrade

Spread Footing Prediction Event at the National Geotechnical Experimentation Site on the Texas A&M University Riverside Campus

Estimation of Settlements of Shallow Foundations

Spread Footing Predictions

Settlement of Spread Footings on Granular Soil

Spread Footing Settlement Prediction

Spread Footing Settlement Prediction for ASCE Specialty Conference °SETTLEMENT '94°

Settlement '94

Settlement Predictions Footing Load Tests on Sand

Prediction of Settlement for Five Footings

CPT-Based Prediction of Footing Response

Spread Footing Prediction Event

Predictions of Footing Tests Sponsored by the FHWA Using a Strain Hardening Elastoplastic Constitutive Model

Prediction of Shallow Foundation Settlement on Sand





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