Formation of Natural Analogues in Nuclear Waste Forms: A Geochemical Approach

Radionuclide Releases from Borosilicate and Natural Glasses

Reaction Progress Pathways for Glass and Spent Fuel Under Unsaturated Conditions

Aqueous Dissolution Rates of Uranium Oxides

Performance Assessment Modeling of High Level Nuclear Wasteforms from the Pyroprocess Fuel Cycle

Bounding Potential Diesel Exhaust Impacts Produced From North Ramp Construction

A Dry Spent Nuclear Fuel Transfer System

Creep Strains Predicted from Constitutive Equations for Zircaloy-Clad Spent Fuel Rods

Designing Radiation Protection Signs

Use of HEPA Filters to Control Ionizing Radiation

System Safety Analysis of the Yucca Mountain Tunnel Boring Machine

Rh-Tru Transportation to the WIPP: Some Unresolved Issues

Requirements for the Emplacement of Doe-Owned Spent Nuclear Fuel into a Civilian Repository

Characterization of Aluminum-Uranium Core Fuels for Interim Dry Storage

Acceptance Criteria for Interim Dry Storage of Aluminum-Clad Fuels

Multi-Purpose Canister Project

The IAEA Coordinated Research Programme on the Behaviour of Spent Fuel and Storage Facility Components During Long-Term Storage (BEFAST)

Spent Nuclear Fuel Behavior in Long-Term Dry Storage

Failure of MPC Overpack and Inner Container Under Corrosion and Mechanical Stresses in a Backfilled Drift

Finite-Element Analysis of Rock Drop Dynamic Loading on a Metallic Multi-Barrier Waste Package





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