Biodegradation of PAHs in Soil-Water Slurries with Enhanced Bioavailability

Electrophoretic Sealing of Impoundment Leaks

A New Framework for Hazardous Waste Remediation

Review of Technologies for In-Situ Cleanup of DNAPLs

Geotechnics of Fine Tailings Management

The PPI Superfund Site: Remedial Measures and Alternatives

Preliminary Investigation of the 317 Area, ANL-E

Closure of a Pickle Liquor Sludge Bed

Utilization of Coal Fly Ash from Fluidized Bed Combustion Systems

Contaminated Sediment Dredging in a Tidal Estuary

Dredged Material Disposal Within An Estuary: Is It A Significant Source Of Sediment and Contaminant Fluxes? The Case Of Long Island Sound

Co-evolution of Harbor Maintenance Dredging, Environmental Regulations, and Open-water Disposal Site Management: A Twenty-Year Perspective

The Development of a Beneficial Uses Plan for the Proposed Houston Ship Channel Widening and Deepening Project

Innovative Technologies for Dredging and Disposing Contaminated Dredged Material

An Integrated Geogrid Mattress Armouring System for Capping of Contaminated Dredge Materials

Framework for Handling and Treatment of Contaminated Dredged Material from Ports and Inland Waterways

Inter-Island Tunnel Design and Construction

Deep Wastewater Circular Pumping Stations

Journal of Infrastructure Systems
The ?Journal of Infrastructure Systems? publishes cross-disciplinary papers about managing, sustaining, enhancing, and transforming civil infrastructure systems. Papers are expected to contribute new knowledge...

Cleanup Solution--Conflict Resolution
Distrust and misinformation often prevent timely resolution of ground-water contamination problems. In Toms River, N.J., engineers used a computer-generated model of the cleanup site in...





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