Groundwater Predictions in the Swedish Äspö Hard Rock Laboratory

Recent Developments in Sweden on Spent Fuel Management

Tailored Model Abstraction in Performance Assessments

Abstraction of Information in Repository Performance Assessments. Examples From the Ski Project Site-94

Approaches to Model Abstraction for Performance Assessment

Testing the Abstractions Used in Total System Performance Assessments

Preparing Scientists and Engineers to Interact with NRC

Understanding How to Maintain Compliance in the Current Regulatory Climate

Regulatory Issues Associated with the Multi-Purpose Canister System

A Current Evaluation of LSS Requirements and Implementation

Experimental Investigation of Natural Convection About Drift-Emplaced Waste Canisters

Thermo-Hydro-Mechanical Modelling of an Underground Radioactive Wastes Disposal in Clayey Formation

Transport Processes in Unsaturated Soils at Sub-Residual Saturations

Improved Accuracy of Thermal Source Terms for Thermal Load Predictions

Development of a Safeguards and Security Program for the Civilian Radioactive Waste Management Program

Long Term Maintenance of Records and Documents for Radioactive Waste Repositories

Hydrothermal Analyses at the Waste-Package Scale for a Potential High-Level Waste Repository at Yucca Mountain

Analaysis of Near-Field Thermal and Psychometric Waste Package Environment Using Ventilation

Life-Cycle Cost Implications of a System Using Bare SNF Transfer

Feasibility of Cooling Emplacement Drifts by Ventilation Air and Effects of Pre-Cooling Intake Air by Refrigeration





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