Keys to Opening the Nation's First Deep Geological Repository in 1998

The Effect of Saturation on the Mechanical Properties of Tuff at Yucca Mountain

Compass: A Source Term Code for Investigating Capillary Barrier Performance

Flooding of an Underground Facility at Yucca Mountain: A Summary of NRC Review Plans

In Situ Characterization of the Microbiota in Yucca Mountain Sediments

Numerical Analyses of Reinforced Underground Openings Subjected to Seismic Loadings

Depleted-Uranium-Silicate Backfill of Spent-Fuel Waste Packages for Repository Containment and Criticality Control

Results of the Probabilistic Volcanic Hazard Analysis Project

Initial Studies to Assess Microbial Impacts on Nuclear Waste Disposal

Solid Waste Management in Rural Alaska

Engineered Contaminated Soils and Interaction of Soil Geomembranes
Due to liability issues, landfills are no longer considered the best method of waste disposal. Innovative, safe disposal methods for large quantities of contaminated soils and waste are...

Intelligent On-Line Monitoring of Machine Health for Robots in Critical Environments

Environmental Site Investigation Guidance Manual
This manual, Environmental Site Investigation, was prepared as a guidance on procedures for investigating and characterizing a site that may...

Municipal Solid Waste Characterization in a Cold Remote Region

Hydrodynamic Model and Sensitivity Analysis for San Juan Bay, P. R.

Use of SID Method for Site Characterization

Experimental Studies of Merging Plumes

The Effect of Measurement Scale on the Worth of Hydraulic Conductivity Data: Slug Tests and Pumping Tests

Dilution of Dense Bottom Plumes

Alternative Wastewater Pumping Station Design Considerations





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