Salt-Saturated Concrete Strength and Permeability

Potential of Waste Glass for Concrete Masonry Blocks

Development of a Solidification Method for Pulverized Concrete Waste by Hydrothermal Hot-Pressing and Fiber Reinforcement

Alkali-Silica Reaction in Concrete with Waste Glass as Aggregate

CERCLA Liability and the Environmental Professional—An Overview of Judicial Developments

The Changing Role of the Civil Engineer in the Past 25 Years

In-Situ Corrosion Testing of Selected HLW Container Materials

Regulatory Assessment of Evapotranspiration at Yucca Mountain

Lateral Diversion in the PTn Unit: Capillary-Barrier Analysis

Analysis of Proliferation Risk for Taiwan's Spent Fuels

Fuel and Cladding Oxidation under Expected Repository Conditions

WIPP TRU Waste Transportation— A Circle of Safety

Discrete-Fracture Modeling of Thermal-Hydrological Processes at G-Tunnel and Yucca Mountain

Modelling of El Berrocal Field Tracer Tests

Use of NaOH to Control pH for Solubilization of Waste Activated Sludge
Waste activated sludge was collected from the final clarifier of a local municipal wastewater treatment plant. NaOH was used in comparison made of the controlled pH batch experiments with...

Quality Assurance Plays a Key Role in Getting the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant to Operational Status

Development of Remediation Technologies Simulators
This paper summarizes on.going efforts to develop software for simulating various in situ, subsurface remediation technologies to improve remediation selection, design, and operation....

Natural Ventilation of an Exothermic Waste Repository

Examination of Exploration Options of the Yucca Mountain CHn Unit

Microbiological Influenced Corrosion (MIC) of Carbon Steel Utilized in the Construction of Nuclear Waste Canisters





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