Drift Apex Temperature Distributions due to Cylindrical Heat Sources

Status of Thermal Loading Evaluations for a Potential Repository

Parametric Thermal Evaluations of Waste Package Emplacement

Near-Drift Thermal Analysis Including Combined Modes of Conduction, Convection, and Radiation

Mixed Convection Heat Transfer Coefficients for Horizontally Emplaced Waste Packages

Impacts of Cathodic Protection on Waste Package Performance

Corrosion Test on Candidate Waste Package Basket Materials for the Yucca Mountain Project

Models for Estimating Core-Cycle Rate of Penetration at Yucca Mountain, Nevada

Spent Nuclear Fuel Dry Transfer System

Surface Reactivity of High Level Waste Matrices Characterized by Radiometric Emanation Method

Control of Stacking Loads in Final Waste Disposal According to the Borehole Technique

An Approach to International High Level Radioactive Waste Management

International High-Level Radioactive Waste Repositories

Transferring Knowledge about High-Level Waste Repositories: An Ethical Consideration

Key Risk Attributes in the Perception of Engineering Design Options

Issues in Risk Perception and Communication of Importance to a Regulator: Results of an International Seminar Sponsored by HMIP

Classroom Simulation of Public Involvement in H.L.W. Issues Featuring STS Concepts

Innovative Methods for Informing the Public—A Case Study

Survey of University Students' Knowledge and Views on Nuclear Waste Disposal and the Alternative Dispute Resolution Process

A New Strategic Management of Pumping Station in Sewer Systems
Pumping stations are literally the heart of most sewer system operations and sewage treatment plant processes. Current studies show that a small improvement of pump efficiency will offer...





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