U.S. Light-Water Reactor Spent Fuel Inventory—Fissile Distribution

Probabilistic Evaluation of Postclosure Criticality Events Internal to the Waste Package

A Follow-Up Study to: Job Performance Aids to Criticality Safety

Legal Weight Truck Cask Response to Regulatory Format Thermal Events, Part 1: Fuel Cladding

Legal Weight Truck Cask Response to Regulatory Format Thermal Events, Part 2: Containment Seal

Route Assessment Using Comparative Risk Factors Integrated through a GIS

Benefits/Impacts of Utilizing Depleted Uranium Silicate Glass as Backfill for Spent Fuel Waste Packages

Solid Waste and Materials Systems Alternatives Study Summary

Radwaste Management in Reracking of Korean Nuclear Power Plants

Three-Dimensional Nonlinear Transient Dynamic Accident Analyses of Waste Packages

Tunneling Progress on the Yucca Mountain Project

Uranium Dioxide Dissolution under Acidic Aqueous Conditions

Radionuclide Release for Unsaturated Spent Fuel Tests—First 1.6 Years

Nonequilibrium Thermodynamical Model for Spent Fuel Dissolution Rate

Long-Term Corrosion Behavior of Environmental Assessment Glass

Measurement of the DWPF Canistered Wasteform Weight and Free Volume

Controlled Drill & Blast Excavation at AECL's Underground Research Laboratory

Practical Experiences with Sealing Technology in the Czech Republic

Effect of Repository Underground Ventilation on Emplacement Drift Temperature Control

Methodology to Group DOE Fuels for the Purpose of Repository Technical Acceptance





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