Release Rates of Radionuclides through a Porous Material-Filled Borehole in a Radioactive Waste Repository

Initial EPRI Reaction to the NAS Yucca Mountain Standards Recommendations

National Research Council Report:Technical Bases for Yucca Mountain Standards—A State of Nevada View

Potential Changes to Technical Issues in HLW Performance Assessment

Important Parameters in the Performance of a Potential Repository at Yucca Mountain (TSPA-1995)

Testing of Abstractions for Total System Performance Assessment

Total System Performance Predictions (TSPA-1995) for the Potential High-Level Waste Repository at Yucca Mountain

Understanding How to Maintain Compliance in the Current Regulatory Climate

Strategy for Rapid Evaluation of Waste Containment and Isolation at the Yucca Mountain Site

Making a Case for Cost-Effective Compliance

Preliminary Overview of Radiological Data Validation: Problems Found in Laboratory Data

National High-Level Waste Systems Analysis

The NEA International FEP Database: Outcome of the Working Group

Uncertainty as a Parameter for Decision Making

Benchmarking of a Total-System Performance Assessment Model for WIPP

Dose Rates from Repository Performance Assessment

Determination of Importance Process during Yucca Mountain Site Characterization

Impacts of SNF Burnup Credit on the Shipment Capability of the GA-4 Cask

Dense Organic Liquids Reduce GA-4 Reactivity Margin

Bounding Axial Profile Analysis for the Topical Report Database





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