Data Qualification for the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant

Physical Sampling for Site and Waste Characterization

Final WIPP Compliance Criteria (40 CFR Part 194)

Recommendations from EPA's Review Committee on WIPP

Review of the Performance Assessment in the WIPP Draft Compliance Application

Screening, Combining and Tracking Features, Events and Processes in WIPP Performance Assessments

Critical Groups for Geological Disposal Performance Assessments

Biosphere Modelling for Radioactive Waste Disposal

Biosphere Model for Assessing Doses from Nuclear Waste Disposal

Biosphere FEP List Development Specific to Yucca Mountain

Use of Expert Judgment in the HLW Regulatory Program: U.S. NRC Staff Draft Guidance

Use of Probabilistic Methods for Analysis of Cost and Duration Uncertainties in a Decision Analysis Framework

Regulatory Perspective on Future Climates at Yucca Mountain

How Can Coupled Systems Evolve? A Scenario Simulation Methodology

Comments Regarding the NAS Report on Yucca Mountain Standards

The Yucca Mountain Standard: How Lenient Should It Be?

The National Academy of Sciences Report and Environmental Radiation Standards for Yucca Mountain

NAS Recommendations and Current Legislative Proposals: Implications for U.S. NRC's Regulatory Program

Regulatory Perspective on NAS Recommendations for Yucca Mountain Standards

Effects of Transport Model Alternatives Incorporating Precipitation on the Performance of Engineered Barriers





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