Application of Ultraviolet Disinfection in Small Systems

Ultraviolet Sterilizes Drinking Water with Renewable Energy Systems

Approximate Solutions for Layered Foundations
A simple approximation to the dynamic response of foundations resting on layered soil profiles is presented. The approximation is based on an equivalent radiation damping which is numerically...

A Stochastic Source Spectrum for Engineering Application
The solution of a point source (double couple) combined with K. Aki/A. S. Papageorgiou's stochastic source model is used to establish the power spectrum at the acceleration...

Health Effects,Risk Assessment and Guidance for Indoor Radon
Unlike many inorganic elements, radionuclides have no nutritional value. Radionuclides are carcinogenic and uranium is also known to be non-carcinogenic as well. This paper is primarily...

Hale Cycle and Indian Drought and Flood Area Indices
The Indian Drought (DAI) and flood (FAI) area indices have been argued to be related to the hale cycle of sunspot number by H. N. Bhalme and D. A. Mooley. They studied the dependence between...

Intact Decommissioning Alternative for Nuclear Power Plants
Previous studies of decommissioning options for nuclear power plants have examined potential alternatives such as immediate dismantlement, entombment, and moth-balling. This paper describes...

Simulation of Airborne Snow Water Equivalent Measurement Errors Made over a Forest Environment
The Office of Hydrology of the National Weather Service has developed and maintains an operational Airborne Gamma Radiation Snow Survey Program in the upper Midwest (Peck, et al. , 1980)....

Remedial Action at the Salt Lake City Uranium Mill Tailings Site

Ground-Water Investigation at Two UMTRA Sites

Uses of Radiation in Water and Wastewater Treatment

On a Dynamic Mixed Boundary-Value Problem of a Rigid Body Upon a Semi-Infinite Elastic Medium

Disinfecting with Ultraviolet Radiation
The benefits of disinfecting treated effluent to meet discharge permits with ultraviolet radiation instead of ozone or chlorine are that it does not produce toxic chemical residuals like...

Progress Report of the Task Committee on Radiation in Engineering

New Method for Dynamic Impedance of Piles

Localized Nonlinear Effects in Soil-Structure Interaction

Mechanics of Soil-Heat Interaction and Its Thermal Storage Capacity

Concurrent Forward and Backscatter LDA Measurement

Noise Enhancement/Suppression from Acoustically Excited Jets

Sewage Sludge Disinfection by ¹³7C5 Irradiation





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