A Fast Method of Discharge Measurement in Open-Channel Flow

Cure for Thinning Concrete
After placing 75% of the concrete liner for twin 4.6 km transit tunnels in Portland, Ore., engineers discovered areas of concrete that were thinner than the prescribed 305 mm thickness....

Pavement Condition Assessment Using Ground Penetrating Radar

Application of Dempster-Shafer Theory in Radar Data Analysis: A Case Study for Highway Pavements

Probing Pipelines (available only in Geoenvironmental Special Issue)
Inspecting underground pipelines has become easier, more effective and less intrusive through use of sonar, radar, lasers and seismic and acoustic testing. To replace simple visual inspection,...

Applications of Space Technology to Aid in Identification of Seismic Hazards

Flash Flood Forecasting

An Experimental Evaluation of Concrete Bridge Decks and Pavements Using Ground Penetrating Radar

The Application of Ground Penetrating Radar Technology as Part of Geotechnical Assessments of Proposed HDD Pipeline River Crossings

The Application of Continuous Reflection Profiling Methods to Trenchless Pipeline Projects

Interpreting Ground Penetrating Radar Pavement Data

Leakage Evaluation of a Buried Aqueduct

Comparison of Mean Areal Precipitation Estimates Derived from NEXRAD Radar vs. Rain Gage Networks

Enhanced Movements Estimation Methods for High Resolution Airport Surface Radar Images

Millimetre Radar System for the On-Board Lateral Distance Acquisition: Performances Evaluation and Infrastructure Constraints

Coastal Evolution Downdrift of St. Joseph Harbor on Lake Michigan

Connections of Large Steerable Antennas

Ground Penetrating Radar for Infrastructure Condition Assessment and Geophysical Applications: A Review

Evaluation of Bridge Decks and Pavements at Highway Speed using Ground Penetrating Radar

Indianapolis Uses New Radar Technology to Refine Hyetographs for CSO Model and SSES Studies
Indianapolis is the first city in the country to install the French-developed technology designed by urban hydrologists to accurately measure rainfall between rain gauges. Installed in...





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