Improved Hydraulic of the HEC River Analysis System (HEC-RAS)

A Practical Application of Two-Dimensional Hydraulic Analysis for the Baltimore Street Bridge Rehabilitation Project

Numerical Analysis of Three-Dimensional Turbulent Flows Around Submerged Groins

Sensitivity of Currents and Water Evaluations in Tidal Waters to Storm Surge Parameters

Computer Models for Tidal Hydraulic Analysis at Highway Structures

Variations Encountered in Design Analysis of Local Scour at Drop Structures

Threats to Bridge Stability from Scour Related Failures of Drop Structures

Quasi Two-Dimensional Hydraulic Analysis of Drop Structures

Failure Behavior of Riprap Layer Around Bridge Piers

Loss Accounting Principles with Emphasis on Bridge Failure

Risk Analysis of River Bridge Failure

Economic factors of Floods, Scour, and Bridge Failures

Probability of Bridge Failure Due to Scouring

Risk Analysis of River Bridge Failure

The Need for Research on Scour at Bridge Crossings

Three-Dimensional Nonlinear Finite Element Analysis of RC Interior Beam-Column Joints with Ultra High-Strength Materials

Analysis of Joint Shear Failure of High-Strength Reinforced Concrete Interior Beam-to-Column Joint

Failure Mechanism and Stress–Strain Idealization of Confined High Strength Concrete

Studying Initiation and Growth of Shear Cracks in Reinforced Concrete Beams Using Full-Field Digital Imaging

Fundamental Aspects of Mechanical Behaviour of HS/HPC: The European Approach





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