Ground Water
Protection Alternatives and Strategies in the U.S.A.
Prepared by the Task Committee on Ground Water Protection of the Water Resources Engineering Division of ASCE. This report presents general hydrogeologic...

Castro Valley Water Quality Modeling

Urban Rivers in Arid Environments—Unique Ecosystems

Application of Sliding Mode Control to a Benchmark Problem

The Newark South Wellfield Aquifer Management Plan: How to Get More Water/Better Water in an Urban Setting!

Advanced Control Systems for Integrated Transportation by LIM Devices

Using Fuzzy Logic in Aircraft Navigation Systems

Traffic Control System for Metropolitan Areas Based on Radio Links between Vehicles and Infrastructure

A Two-Level Approach for the Control of Freeways

A Minimum Risk Evaluation Methodology for Fault Tolerant Automotive Control Systems

Development of a Decentralized Traffic Control System Based on Logic Programming

BALANCE - A Method for Traffic Adaptive Signal Control Field Trial and Simulation Studies

Multicriteria Traffic Control with Video Feedback

Autonomous Intelligent Cruise Control Using the Fuzzy Logic

Millimetre Radar System for the On-Board Lateral Distance Acquisition: Performances Evaluation and Infrastructure Constraints


Active Vibration Control of Machine Foundation

Incorporating Damage Control in Structural Design

Design and Implementation of Nonlinear Control Strategies

Seismic Response Assessment of Active-Controlled Multi-Story Buildings with Soil-Foundation Influence





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