Design Considerations for Horizontal Hydroturbine Shafting Systems

Linking Hydrodynamic, Water Quality, and Ecological Models to Simulate Aquatic Ecosystem Response to Stress: Case Study of Juvenile Salmon Migration in the Sacramento River and San Francisco Bay/Delta System

Water Quality Modeling and Risk Analysis of the Keelung River, Taiwan

The Infiltration of Rainwater Through Reservoir Structures

Nantahala Control Upgrades Provide Cost Savings

A Control System Automation Project for the Duke Power Hydroelectric System

Integrated Labor Cost Control Systems

Quality in Project Management

Waterpower '97
This proceedings consists of papers presented at the Waterpower '97 specialty conference. This international conference on hydropower was held in Atlanta, Georgia, August...

Quality Assurance in ASCE Codes & Standards

A Portable Data Collection System for Safety and Quality Assurance

Measuring Quality Effectiveness

Shared Work Teams and Materials Testing

Water Quality Retrofit of an Existing Drainage Basin Using a Sand Filter Design

Abrasion/Erosion in Stilling Basins

Watershed Development Effects in Arid and Semi-Arid Regions

Covariance Control Using Closed Loop Modeling for Structures

Conducting Large-Scale Sanitary Surveys

Effects of Watershed Development and Management on Aquatic Ecosystems
This proceedings, Effects of Watershed Development and Management on Aquatic Ecosystems, comprises papers presented at the Engineering Foundation...

Application of Reliability Methods for Probabilistic Risk Assessment





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