Protecting Drinking Water Supply Sources: San Francisco's Water Quality Vulnerability Zones

Approaches and Levels of Service Analysis for an Area Subject to Interbasin Flow Transfers

Operation and Performance of Reservoir Release Improvements at 16 TVA Dams

Decision Support System for River Basin Water Management

A Comparison of BMP Requirements: A Case Study

BMP Considerations for a Roadway Project Located within a Water Quality Reservoir Watershed

Baffle Boxes and Inlet Devices for Stormwater BMPs

Implementing Municipal Stormwater Management Program: An Overview of Planning and Administration

Planned EPA Research in Urban Watershed Modeling

Performance Measures for CSO Control

Sheetflow Water Quality Monitoring Device

Economic Analysis for Stormwater Quality Management

Evaluation of the Technical Equivalency of Engineered Phyto-Cover Systems to RCRA Landfill Caps

Stormwater Management of Urban Watershed

Current Status and Best Management Practices for American Catchment Systems

Online Absorption Control System for Wave Generation

Public Perceptions of Water Pollution Threats and Experts as Mitigators

Urban Runoff Quality Management
This manual comprises a holistic view of urban runoff quality management. For the beginner, who has little previous exposure to urban runoff quality management, the manual covers the entire...

Introduction to Discrete Signals and Inverse Problems in Civil Engineering
This introductory book presents procedures for the analysis of signals and the characterization of systems in civil engineering. The two main topics of this book are at the core of several...

Gas/Groundwater Interactions at Landfills





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