Seismic Risk Evaluation and Improvement Program for the Metropolitan Wastewater Department (MWWD), City of San Diego

Pumping Plant Buildings: Seismic Upgrades

Pump-and-Treat Rescue
The pump-and-treat method of remediation has been regarded for years as unsuccessful and untrustworthy. But a recent project in Chicago showed that in conjunction with horizontal wells...

Model Development for Conjunctive Use Planning in Taiwan

Septic Tank Effluent Pump Systems

Installation of a Flexible Pipeline Irrigation System in Egypt

Promising New Ideas for Sedimentation Exclusion from Intakes

Control of Sediment Deposition at the Amir-Kabir Pump Station Using a Physical Hydraulic Model

The Frequency of Combined Sewer Overflows During Flood Events in the Receiving Water

Huxtable Pumping Plant Interior Flood Hydrology

Hydraulic Design and Analysis for a Water Supply System Modification

Some Issues Associated with the Use of Small-Scale Tracer Tests to Determine Aquifer Parameters

Application of the Simulation-Optimization Approach to Groundwater Management: Pease Air Force Base Case Study

Reduction of Residual LNAPL in Aquifers by Applying Surfactant Prior to Pumping

MPVE: A Flexible and Efficient Technology

Design of Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plants
This revised manual, updated from the previous edition, aims to be the principal reference of contemporary practice for the design of municipal wastewater treatment plants. The manual...

Surge Protection Design for the City and County of San Francisco Water Transmission System

An Approach to Optimal Well Design

Evaluation of Hydrogeologic Conditions and of Remedial Alternatives at Kodak Park, Rochester, New York

The Performance of Heuristic Pumping Constraints in the Optimal Design of Groundwater Remediation





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