Pumped Storage Upgrades—Items to Consider

Best Pump/Best Turbine: The Trade-offs with Pump/Turbine Upgrades

Plant Automation of the Rocky Mountain Pumped-Storage Project

Chaira Pumped Storage Now in Operation

Application Aspects of the Static Frequency Converter System in Pumped Storage Power Plants

Replacement of the Static Frequency Converter Starting Equipment at the Raccoon Mountain Pumped Storage Plant

Selection of Large Variable Speed Pumps for the Domenigoni Valley Reservoir Project

Recovery of Revenues Lost to Fish Passage

Six Years of Monitoring the Effectiveness of a Barrier Net at the Ludington Pumped Storage Plant on Lake Michigan

An Application of the Fourier Series in the Analysis of Waterhammer in pumped Storage Plant

Influence of Bearing Support Structures on Shaft Vibration of Large Hydraulic Pump/Turbines

WATER—The Renewable Energy Source

Puente Hills Reclaimed Water Distribution System

Modeling of Groundwater Management Alternatives for the City of Florence, South Carolina

Remedial System Planning Using Groundwater Modeling

Optimal Remediation of DNAPL Contaminated Aquifers Using Surfactant Enhanced Pump-and-Treat Systems

Aquifer Testing and Characterization at the Proposed Low-Level Radioactive Waste Disposal Site Hudspeth County, Texas

Determining Clean-Up Duration and Volume for a Ground Water Pump and Treat Remedial System in an Aquifer Contaminated with Sorbing Organic Compounds

Effect of Groundwater Pumping on Streamflow

Mother Nature's Pump and Treat
Known under the general term of phytoremediation, using vegetation as a remedial agent has existed in its basic form for many years, mostly in applications involving waste-water treatment....





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