Huxtable Pumping Plant Interior Flood Hydrology

Hydraulic Design and Analysis for a Water Supply System Modification

An Approach to Optimal Well Design

Some Issues Associated with the Use of Small-Scale Tracer Tests to Determine Aquifer Parameters

Application of the Simulation-Optimization Approach to Groundwater Management: Pease Air Force Base Case Study

Reduction of Residual LNAPL in Aquifers by Applying Surfactant Prior to Pumping

MPVE: A Flexible and Efficient Technology

Surge Protection Design for the City and County of San Francisco Water Transmission System

Cliffside Correction
Construction of a 10 km sewer collector in Valpara�so, Chile, came to a halt due to construction difficulties experienced during pipe jacking operations. Analysis revealed not only construction...

The Development of a Baseline Design for Jacking Highway Tunnels beneath Mainline Tracks at Boston's South Station

Design of Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plants
This revised manual, updated from the previous edition, aims to be the principal reference of contemporary practice for the design of municipal wastewater treatment plants. The manual...

Sludge's Re-Treat
The Shreveport, La., water treatment plant was losing up to 25% of the water it pumped into filter backwashing and sludge. Demopulos & Ferguson Associates (DFA), Shreveport, designed...

Gravel Shooter Aids Uphill Concrete Pumping

Short-Distance Transport Systems in Japan: Current Status and Future Prospects

Station Capacity: An Issue in PRT System Planning

Inclined Elevators of Nishinomiya Najio New Town

Upgrading for ATO on the Yokahama Kanazawa Seaside Line

Planning, Design and Construction of the Pier B Railyard for the Port of Long Beach

A Tale of Two Bids
In early 1992, the Escambia County Utilities Authority determined that its 2 mgd Avondale Wastewater Treatment Plant should be expanded to 8 mgd to meet the growing needs of the Pensacola,...

Tunneling Against Time (Available only in the Geoenvironmental Special Issue)
The phenomenal growth of Las Vegas has prompted nearly $1 billion worth of water-supply projects. A $33 million tunnel scheme�a critical element of the new construction�is on pace. The...





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