Quantifying Stage Discharge Uncertainty at Gaging Stations

Modeling of Groundwater Management Alternatives for the City of Florence, South Carolina

Remedial System Planning Using Groundwater Modeling

Optimal Remediation of DNAPL Contaminated Aquifers Using Surfactant Enhanced Pump-and-Treat Systems

Aquifer Testing and Characterization at the Proposed Low-Level Radioactive Waste Disposal Site Hudspeth County, Texas

Determining Clean-Up Duration and Volume for a Ground Water Pump and Treat Remedial System in an Aquifer Contaminated with Sorbing Organic Compounds

Effect of Groundwater Pumping on Streamflow

Mother Nature's Pump and Treat
Known under the general term of phytoremediation, using vegetation as a remedial agent has existed in its basic form for many years, mostly in applications involving waste-water treatment....

Eddy Pump Dredging: Does it Produce Water Quality Impacts?

An Evaluation of Injection Well Plugging From a Ground-Water Heat Pump System in Southeastern North Dakota

Design and Construction of the Puddletown Booster Station

CSO Treatment Using Constructed Wetlands

Implication of Pump/Treat Systems on Land Subsidence

Irrigation Pumping Plant Energy Use and Potential Savings

Application of Adaptive Control Algorithm to a Groundwater Management System

City of Vancouver Dedicated Fire Protection System Underground Piping Design Considerations

Conceptual Design and Characteristics of A Dual-Arm Cam-Lock Manipulator
Recent developments in the area of smart structures indicate that variable geometry/stiffness truss network is of fundamental importance in designing smart transformable structures and...

A Novel Gravity Compensation System for Space Robots
Realistic experimental investigation of the behavior of space robots requires simulation on earth of the micro-gravity environment existing in space. This is particularly true due to the...

On the Dynamics and Control of Flexible Orbiting Systems: An Approach with Application
A relatively general formulation for studying the dynamics and control of an arbitrary spacecraft, with interconnected flexible, deployable and articulating structural members, is reviewed...

Erectable Truss Hardware for Large Space Structures
The KATLOK connector is a truss structure connector that was designed to be compatible with manual assembly by an astronaut in an extra-vehicular activity (EVA) suit, telerobotic assembly...





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