Multiplicity (Available only in the Geoenvironmental Special Issue)
When it comes to tracking groundwater contaminant plumes, single completion monitoring wells are the standard choice, but they aren't the only one. After four years of trying...

Contractors Waterproof Rail Station In Spite of Winter Conditions

Pumping Technique May not Be That Effective

Evaluation of Hydrogeologic Conditions and of Remedial Alternatives at Kodak Park, Rochester, New York

The Performance of Heuristic Pumping Constraints in the Optimal Design of Groundwater Remediation

Union Station Seismic Upgrade

BART on a Roll
The San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit District (BART) opened its Pittsburg/Bay Point Station ahead of schedule, and now the district sets to work on an ambitious 14-mi rail system extension...

A Strategic Management Tool for Subway Station Rehabilitation and Planning

Advanced Redundant Fieldbus and Plant Control System in Conjunction with Multiple Variable Speed Units

Improved Pump Motor Protection Permits Increase in Fish Attraction Water

Sea Waves Power Converter

Design and Construction of the River Road Reservoir

The Insitu Repair of the Bottom Cover of the 300MW Pump Turbine at Dinorwig Power Station

Optimization of Piped Systems

Conjunctive Use of Geophysical or Tracer Data with Hydrogeological Testing for Enhanced Site Characterization

Contaminant Mean Arrival Times at Pumping Wells in Heterogeneous Formations

Inverse Analysis of Estimating Permeability of Semipervious Confining Layer

About the Transmissivity Values Estimated from Pump Test Analysis in Heterogeneous Formations

An Investigation of Coupled Hydromechanical Effects in the Borrowdale Volcanic Group, Sellafield, U.K.

Evaluation of Aquifer Parameters by Means of Field Tests and Using Different Conceptual Models





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