Cyclic Behavior of Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Interior Frame Connections for Pultruded Structures

Shear Tests of Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Pultruded Beam-to-Column Connection with Clip Angles

Material Specifications for Pultruded Building Components: What is Required?

Testing and Evaluation of Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Truss Connections

Longitudinal Lap Splices for Pultruded Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Tubes

Analysis and Behavior of Pultruded Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Bolted Connections

Acoustic Emission Monitoring of Pultruded Bridge Members

Characterization of Pultruded FRP Wide-Flange Beams

Local Buckling Experiments on Pultruded Composite Beams

Pultruded Composite Structures for Pier, Sea Wall and Levy Applications

Compression Strength of Pultruded Fiber Reinforced Composites

Local Buckling of Pultruded FRP Beams: Theory and Experiment
A continuing experimental and theoretical investigation of the local compression flange buckling of commercially produced pultruded fiber-reinforced plastic (FRP) beams is briefly described...

Moment-Rotation Behavior of Pultruded Beam-to-Column Connections
Presented are experimental details and results of five tests carried out to study the moment-rotation behavior of flange cleated connections for frames of pultruded members. The full-sized...

Tests on Deep I-Shape Pultruded Beams

The World's Longest Cable-stayed Foot-Bridge Using Fiber Reinforced Plastics

Compression Strength of Pultruded FRP Materials

Static Behavior of Pultruded GFRP Sections

Connections for Pultruded Composites: A Review and Evaluation

Design Optimization of an All-FRP Short-Span Bridge
The objectives of this study are: a) to determine the feasibility of designing an all-FRP bridge, and b) to demonstrate the usefulness of optimization techniques in the design of FRP superstructures....

Pultruded Composites: Materials for the 21st Century
The main objective of this paper is to introduce pultruded composites to the civil engineers and to create the awareness of its important applications. A description of the pultrusion...





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