A Linear Acceleration Car-Following Algorithm for Autonomous Intelligent Cruise Control Systems (AICCS)

An Experimental Analysis of Intelligibility and Efficiency of In-Vehicle Route Guidance System Displays

A Multi-Regime Microscopic Traffic Simulation Approach

Automated Red Light Enforcement Programs

A Study of Plunging Wave Impact Pressures on Placed Block Revetments

An Investigation of Wave Forces for Design of a Cruise Ship Pier, Bridgetown, Barbados

Hovering Over the Harbor
The $600 million extension to the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center features a highly sculpted roof inspired by the uplifting image of seabirds in flight, as well as a 300-ft-long...

Stochastic Traffic Assignment with a Simulation-Based Delay Model

The Modeling of a Road Network with Pre-Announced Temporary Closures

A Development of a Model for Estimating Passing Sight Distance

Behaviour of Light Structures Founded on Soil `Crust' over Liquefied Ground

Effect of Ground Condition on Earthquake Damage

Monumental Restorations
Modern nondestructive field surveys and state-of-the-art static dynamic monitoring systems provide important information for historical renovations while ensuring that the structure remains...

Investigation of Chamber Size for Standardized Tests of EPDM Single-Ply Roofing Systems

Behavior of Composite Structures Under Cyclic Loading

Effect of Floor Slabs on Behavior of Full Moment Steel Connections

Raising the Roof at Escondida Mine: An Uplifting Experience

Investigation of Uplift Capacity of Light-Frame Construction Subject to Wind Loads

Experimental Behavior of Connections to Concrete-Filled Steel Tubes

Cyclic Behavior of High Strength Concrete Joints





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