Seismic Response of Multistory Sliding Isolated Structures with Uplift

Safety Evaluation of Damaged Tubular Members

Behavior Characteristics of Reinforced Concrete Structures in the Northridge Earthquake, California 1994

Measurement of Bond Performance; Correlation of Pull-Out Strength with Transfer Length

Bond of FRP Rods Embedded in Concrete

A Finite Element Approach to the Buckling Behavior of Helical Soil Piers

Chaotic Pounding of Structures in Earthquakes

Pseudodynamic Analysis of Semi-Rigid Composite Structures with Softening Behavior

Solution Methods for Structures with Random Properties Subject to Random Excitation

Experimental Study of an Active Mass Driver Using Acceleration Feedback Control Strategies

Dynamic Response of Multistory Sliding Isolated Structures with Uplift

Numerical Evaluation of the Breakout Force of Embedded Objects in Cohesive Seafloor Soils

America and Beyond
This proceedings, Restructuring: America and Beyond, contains the papers presented at the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) Thirteenth...

A Low Tech Solution for a High Tech IVHS Problem

Multimedia-Based Instruction for Engineering Mechanics Courses

The Development of Air Entrained Durable Shotcrete for Structural Repairs

Earth Pressure on Pipelines in Centrifuged Models

Influence of Tertiary Creep on the Uplift Behaviour of a Pipe Embedded in a Frozen Soil

Structural Performance Criteria for Fitness-for-Service Evaluations of Underground Natural Gas Pipelines

Uplift Investigations at Tillery Dam





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