Modal Filter Based On-Line Monitoring of Uncertain Structural Systems

Fiber Sensors for Damage Detection on Large Structures and for Assessment of Deformation Behavior of Cementitious Materials

A Review of Dynamic Behavior of Sector Plates and Curved Bridge Decks

Long Term Behavior of Concrete Columns with CFRP

Path Integration Applied to Structural Systems with Uncertain Properties

Probabilistic Modeling of Roof Sheathing Uplift Capacity

Reliability Applied to Levee Seepage Analysis

HOV Fix on I-66
Construction has been under way since December 1993 on a project to widen and add a high occupancy vehicle lane on a 12 mi section of Interstate 66 from Route 50 to the City of Manassas...

Soil Thermal Properties for the Design of Underground Structures in Cold Regions

Finite Element Analysis of Fracture Behavior of ECC Shear Beams

Micromechanics Based Design of FRCC Components

Constitutive and Structural Behavior of Siliceous High-Strength Concretes After a Thermal Cycle at High Temperature

Constitutive Driver for Cohesive-Frictional Materials

Constructional and Environmental Aspects of Structural Materials at Antarctica and Indian Himalayas

Stress-Strain Behavior of High-Performance 70W Bridge Steel

Neural Network Based Sensor Signal Monitoring of Instrumented Structures

Implementation of HPS in Bridge Design

Wind Load Reduction by Porous Fences on Low-rise Buildings

Finite Element Analysis of FRP Underground Storage Tanks

Mechanical Modelling of Large Block Structures: A Geometric Formulation for the Dynamics





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