Seismic Behavior and Design of Composite Coupling Beams

Behaviour of Web Members of Composite Trusses

Creep Behavior of Concrete-Filled Steel Tubular Members

Buckling Behavior and Aseismic Properties of Concrete-Filled Tubular Members Under Cyclic Axial Loading

Load-Bearing Behaviour of Composite Slabs as a Part of Composite Beams

Behaviour of Composite Joints and Their Influence on Semi-Continuous Composite Beams

Behaviour and Cracking of Slabs as Part of Composite Beams in Regions with Negative Bending Moments

Bond Characteristics of Embossed Steel Elements

Short Term Pullout Tests of Geogrid in a Compacted Lateritic Soil

Interaction Between Soil and Geotextile Reinforcement

Analysis of the Fort Peck Spillway

Failure Behavior of Riprap Layer Around Bridge Piers

Regional Debris-Flow Hazard Assessment of Mountain Territories of the Republic of Kazakstan

Behavior of Concrete Joints under Cyclic Shear

Significant Soil Properties in the Thermal and Structural Design of Building Foundations

Guidelines for the Design of Double-Layer Grids
Prepared by the Task Committee on Double-Layer Grids of the Committee on Special Structures of the Structural Engineering Institute of ASCE. This report...

Wind Endurance
Although property casualty insurance companies are interested in a building's resistance to intense winds, risk underwriters traditionally take into account few, if any, wind-performance...

Repair and Rehabilitation of Reinforced Concrete Structures
The State of the Art
Proceedings of an international seminar, workshop, and exhibition, held in Maracaibo, Venezuela, April 28-May 1, 1997. Sponsored by National Science Foundation; Science and Technology...

An User Behaviour Analysis in Signalized Urban Intersections by Artificial Neural Network

An Integrated Model for Network Traffic Management for Long Term Disruptions





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