Privatization Law and Water Institutions

Natural Drainage

Twin Peaks—The Oregon Convention Center, an Architect's Perspective

Seismic Retrofit, Multnomah County Central Library, Portland, Oregon

Ongoing Studies of the Foothill Communities Law and Justice Center

Flood-Runoff Analysis
This manual describes methods for evaluating flood-runoff characteristics of watersheds. Guidance is provided in selecting and applying such methods to support the various investigations...

Transactions of the American Society of Civil Engineers 1996
Transactions of the American Society of Civil Engineers Vol. 161, 1996 contains abstracts for all ASCE journal and periodical papers and technical notes, Civil Engineering - ASCE feature...

Santa Ana Integrated Traveler Information Sharing System

Using Permit Parking to Reduce On-Street Parking and Crime

ASCE Annual Combined Index 1996
The ASCE Annual Combined Index-1996 provides a guide to the material appearing in publications of the American Society of Civil Engineers published...

The Regulated Riparian Model Water Code
Prepared by the Water Laws Committee of the Water Resources Planning and Management Division of ASCE. This report, a product of ASCE's...

How the Vermont Agency of Transportation Uses Visualization for Public Communication

Database Design for the Public Transit Facilities Management System (PTMS)

Cost Effective Approaches in Preparing Emergency Action Plans

Resolving Conflicts in Hydropower Operations

BLM: Your Partner in Waterpower Planning

Addressing the Costs of Public Benefits: Ensuring a Place for Hydroelectric Power in a Restructured Competitive Electric Industry

20,000 Trees Under the Lake: Public Safety Matters

Water Tariffs & Water Banking Operating Rules and Guidelines for Lake Kariba

Turbine Flow Measurement at Kariba Dam





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