Swiss Concert Hall Emerges from Underground Space

Milwaukee Theater Conversion Requires Move of Million-Pound Wall

Historic Nugget Theater Project

The Best Places For Civil Engineers 2020
ASCE’s Civil Engineering magazine researched and wrote this feature article before the widespread outbreak of COVID-19 and the subsequently declared pandemic in the United States. Since then, the health...

South Carolina Museum Design Elevates History of Enslaved African Americans

Collaboration among Professionals: The Role of Civil Engineers in Public Health

Creating Copenhill
The design and construction of a new waste-to-energy plant in Copenhagen, Denmark, was meant to do more than just generate electricity. The unique structure also features a rooftop public park with an...

Natural Fit
The Naturalis Biodiversity Center, in Leiden, the Netherlands, is a mixture of old and new. Opened to the public last year, the new museum, which is the centerpiece of the new complex, fits in seamlessly...

Engineers and Public Health

Open Access
The Charles Library at Temple University, in Philadelphia, sets high expectations for what a modern library should be. The soaring and dynamic spaces made possible by the building’s innovative steel structure...

Resources to Enhance the Geotechnical Educational Experience
In 2016, I joined the ASCE Minnesota Section’s (ASCE-MN) inaugural infrastructure Report Card Committee at a time in my career when I was curious about the role civil engineering had to play in the overall...

Contractors' Suit Against Designers Moves Forward despite Lack of Privity
In Suffolk Construction Company v. Rodriguez and Quiroga Architects Chartered, several design professionals move to dismiss negligence claims from contractors who relied upon their plans and specifications...

Arena of Books
The new Qatar National Library features a folded design with cantilevered corners on the exterior, while inside, an enormous single space for reading or socializing offers terraces stacked with bookshelves....

Originality Built In
The new Goethals Bridge linking New Jersey and New York is a twin cable-stayed crossing that incorporates an innovative cable-stayed anchor in its towers, which angle outward to keep melting ice off the...

Infrastructure Solutions: Schools Offer Resiliency
When natural disaster strike, public K-12 school buildings are often used as emergency shelters. Yet public school infrastructure received a D+ on ASCE’s 2017 Infrastructure Report Card. There are, however,...

Florida Art Museum Expands Indoor and Outdoor Spaces, Protects Iconic Tree

ECS Announces Regional Promotion; Geopier Announces New Vice President; GeoStabilization Recognized; Historic Theatre Being Rebuilt; Military Museum Reopens; News from GZA; News from Haley & Aldrich

Environmental Education Center Is First Public “Living Building”

Morphosis’s Orange County Museum of Art to Join Southern California Arts Campus

Closed since 1999, Observatory Now Restored atop Buffalo Museum





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