Earthquake-Resistant Bricks Could Improve Structural Performance

Advisory Group Tells U.S. EPA to Require Lead Service Line Replacements

EPA Issues Plan For Dredging Lower Reach of New Jersey�s Passaic River

An extraordinary tree-covered, mixed-use structure that crosses a highway on the outskirts of Paris has been chosen as the winning design for the Pershing site (16/24 boulevard Pershing � avenue de la parte des Ternes) of the Reinventing Paris competition, a city initiative that has opened up 23 sites for innovative, modern developments conceived by architects and urban planners...

U.S. EPA Orders New York City to Develop Plan for Reducing Sewer Backups

Novel Tube-Based Fish Passage System Offers Alternative to Ladders, Lifts, and Hauling

Church Building Design Features Sweeping Curves and Connection to Nature

Seven Questions: Wisdom and Guidance for Successful Career Building: An interview with Tim Chapman, CEng, on artificial intelligence and civil and structural engineering

Extensive Slide Added to London Sculpture

Historic House Restoration Will Feature Stabilization and New Glass Structure

Small Projects are Big Deals
Geotechnical engineers work on a wide array of projects, ranging from small retaining walls or pavement projects, to construction of dams, canals, and foundations for bridges and high-rise...

Innovations in Geosynthetic Rolled Erosion Control Products: From Forests to Fibers
Over the last 50 years, many different types of geosynthetic rolled erosion control products (RECPs) have emerged, ranging from different structure types to different fiber types. Natural-fiber...

Alaskan Building Celebrates Native Culture with Traditional, Modern Elements

Coastal Protection Efforts to Benefit From Research Network, 'Living Shoreline' Database

Philadelphia Art Museum Plans Underground Expansion, 'Reshuffling' of Spaces

Evaluation of Vertica Retaining Wall Systems
Prepared by the Highway Innovative Technology Evaluation Center (HITEC). This report describes a HITEC evaluation designed to determine the basic capabilities...

Construction Begins on Major Shore Protection System on New Jersey Island

Engineering Iron and Stone: Understanding Structural Analysis and Design Methods of the Late 19th Century, By Thomas E. Boothby. Reston, Virginia: ASCE Press, 2015

Screw Piles and Helical Anchors: 180 Years of Use in Geotechnical Engineering
Since 1836, screw piles and screw cylinders have been used successfully throughout the world to support a variety of large-scale, civil engineering structures. Their development and use...

Foundation Engineering...102
Most of our textbooks still separate foundation options into two simplistic categories: shallow or deep. That's why so many of us are geared toward thinking about the foundation...





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