NewsBriefs: EPA Establishes Water Security Division (Environmental Protection Agency)

NewsBriefs: EPA Proposes Emission Cuts (Environmental Protection Agency)

NewsBriefs: EPA Releases Coastal Condition Report (Environmental Protection Agency)

NewsBriefs: EPA Forms World Trade Center Panel (Environmental Protection Agency)

NewsBriefs: EPA to Enforce Tougher Soot Standard (Environmental Protection Agency)

NewsBriefs: EPA Adds Nine New Sites to Superfund List (Environmental Protection Agency)

NewsBriefs: U.S. EPA Issues Watershed Protection Grants (Environmental Protection Agency)

NewsBriefs: EPA Announces Effluent Guidelines (Environmental Protection Agency)

NewsBriefs: Joint Program to Strengthen Science (Water Environment Federation)

Newsbriefs: EPA OFfers Grant for Innovative Deconstruction (Environmental Protection Agency)

Wastewater: U.S. EPA Issues Proposed Blending Policy

Reaching for the Sky
Tapei 101�soon to open its doors as the world's tallest building�will resist devastating typhoons, earthquakes, and sway with an ingenious system of outrigger trusses, supercolumns,...

Making the Grade
Adding two lanes to a stretch of highway in western Colorado required excavation on slopes and involved micropiles, mechanically stabilized earth walls, ground anchors, and soil nails....

EPA, Army Corps Drop Plans to Revise Wetlands Rules

Structures: Final World Trade Center Tower Design Is Safe, 'Green,' and Sculptural

Structures: Gehry Designs Expansion for Canadian Art Gallery

Storm-Water Management: The Convertible Tunnel: Malaysian Project to Double as Storm Drain

Technology: Glassy Metals May Be the Structural Material of the Future

A More Perfect Union
Established to promote greater public understanding of the United States Constitution, the National Constitution Center facility in Philadelphia is a structure of complex geometries articulated...

Life-Cycle Environmental Accounting and Decision-Making for Bridge Structures
This presentation focuses on life-cycle environmental accounting and decision-making for bridge structures using the example of steel and steel-reinforced concrete....





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