Board Plan May be First Step in Launch of Building Security Council

Wastewater Treatment: EPA Revokes Blending Proposal, Prompting Uncertainty About Future Policy

Structural Engineering: Design of Arkansas Museum to Emphasize Sustainability

ASCE Takes Part in EPA Competition; Students Commended for Sustainable Designs

Buildings: Redesigned Freedom Tower Addresses Security Concerns

Drinking Water: EPA Survey Increases Estimate of Infrastructure Needs

Behind the Scenes: How the Building Security Council Was Born

Cold Regions: United Kingdom Unveils Mobile, Modular Antarctic Station

Creativity in Structural Engineering

Forensic Engineering: Lack of Reinforced-Concrete Walls Cited in Earthquake Building Failure

Structural Engineering: Louisiana, Mississippi Rush to Repair Highways Damaged by Hurricane Katrina

Structural Engineering: Nashville Concert Hall Features Unique Acoustic Elements

Structural Engineering: Novel Braced Frames Will Help Salt Lake City Hospital Withstand Earthquakes

Water Resources: NPDES Permits Not Needed for Water Transfers, EPA Says

Structural Engineering: Design of Shanghai Skyscraper Altered

Structures: Dehumidification System Implemented on Swedish Bridge

NewsBriefs: EPA Reclassifies Six Compounds (U.S. Environmental Protection Agency)

NewsBriefs: EPA Makes Research Center Permanent (U.S. Environmental Protection Agency)

NewsBriefs: Seawall Protects City From Tsunami (BBC News)

NewsBriefs: EPA Grants $1.6 Million For Diesel Engine Retrofits (U.S. Environmental Protection Agency)





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