Intelligent Geo-Construction Drilling Equipment: Delivering More Than Meets the Eye
The complexity, risk, and demands of engineered geo-structural projects have increased, seemingly exponentially, through the years. Physical and capital resources to deliver such projects, however, have...

When AI Meets DIGGS — The Birth of a New Site Characterization Paradigm?
Drilling and sampling to obtain borehole logs, together with various in-situ testing, are usually performed to determine subsurface soil and rock profiles and their associated engineering properties. However,...

Bring Your A-GaME! and Dominate the Field [Investigation] — As Newer Technologies Mature and Are Adopted More Widely — It’s A Whole New Ball Game Out There
The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), in collaboration with industry partners, is helping state DOTs take their existing geotechnical site characterization programs to the next level. Technologies...

Practical Aspects Of Routine Geotechnical Site Investigations — They Should Be Anything But Boring!
It’s likely that on any given day there are hundreds of geotechnical site investigations in progress in North America alone. While many of these investigations are carried out in support of large projects,...

ASCE Salutes 9 Projects with 2021 OCEA Honor Awards

Micro-hydropower project launched in Oregon

IoT and Big Data in Geotechnical Construction: Connecting Drill Rigs to the Cloud
It’s almost impossible these days to escape the fervor and buzz surrounding technologies and concepts such as Big Data, Internet of Things (IoT), Machine Learning (ML), and Artificial Intelligence (AI)....

It Takes Only One Word: Why the Construction Industry Avoids Jury Trials

Maintaining the Company Culture When Working Remotely: Now and Post-Pandemic

Keller Announces New Manager

Geotechnology and Cincinnati’s Columbia River Parkway Project

GeoStabilization Project Recognized

Special Project Emphasizes Ethics and Professionalism

Innovation At The Heights
Population growth in metropolitan Washington, D.C., has been on an upward trajectory in recent years, and this is especially true for Arlington County, in Northern Virginia. This increase in population...

Puerto Rican School's STEM Project Demonstrates "Commitment to Innovative Learning"

West Virginia’s Airport In The Clouds: Response to a Massive Slope Failure at Runway’s End
Although the small and scenic Mountain State ranked 40 out of 50 in population according to a July 2017 U.S. Census Bureau estimate, it boasts seven airports. Yeager Airport (CRW), billed as "West Virginia’s...

Seeing into the Subsurface: Harnessing Geophysics to Remotely Monitor the Condition of Earthworks
Condition assessment of geotechnical structures is essential for cost-effective maintenance and prevention of hazardous failure events. Early identification of deteriorating conditions generally allows...

Gannett Fleming Dam Project Recognized

PennFirst Pavilion Project Wins Project of the Year from Delaware Valley Geo-Institute

Evaluating the Energy and Carbon of Geotechnical Works: An Important Step in Developing Sustainable Designs
Engineering for sustainable development requires considering the triple-bottom-line of social, economic, and environmental factors associated with a project when developing the final design. Within geotechnical...





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