Progressive Collapse Of Structures By Uwe Starossek. London: Thomas Telford Limited, 2009.

Strong Diagonals
Exterior Diagonal Systems that carry both gravity and lateral loads in building structures � known as exodiagonals or diagrids � are increasingly being used worldwide to provide freedom...

Pentagon BPS Team Report Finds Significant Structural Resistance to Progressive Collapse

Progressive Collapse
This chapter examines progressive collapse. Topics include current practice and integrity steel for loss of support of a lifting collar....

Up into the Sky
What is the future of the skyscraper? The events of September 11 have sparked numerous questions regarding the history and future of tall buildings in America, and before the World Trade...

Extreme Event Loading and Cascading Failure Risk Assessment for Electric Power Lines

Progressive Damage Analysis of Glass-Reinforced Plastics (GRP) Panels under Extreme Transverse Pressure Loading

Collapsible Soils Engineering

Engineering Experience With In-Situ Modification of Collapsible and Expansive Soils

A Layer-Wise Formulation for Progressive Failure Analysis of Laminated Composite Beams

Building Codes Exist for Progressive Collapse

Oklahoma City Aftermath
The explosion that ripped through the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City shortly after nine a.m. on April 19 killed 168 people, injured more than 500 and damaged more than...

Second Order Irregular?Wave Generation in Flumes - Computation of Transfer Functions by an Asymptotic Summation Method
Recently the theory for second order irregular-wave generation (including superharmonics as well as subharmonics) has been rederived for a variety of different types of wave board motion....

Collapse Mechanism of Compacted Clayey and Silty Sands
The mechanism of wetting-induced collapse (hydrocompression) and the influence of fines ratios on compacted sandy soils are investigated. Various ratios of clay and silt are mixed with...

Cyclic Behavior of Partially Saturated Collapsible Soils Subjected to Water Permeation

U.S. Experience with Dynamic Compaction of Collapsible Soils

Progressive Failure of an Overtopped Embankment
The failure of an overtopped embankment is a problem of a very complicated nature. Concerned organizations are interested in information that can be used in future planning and development...

A Laboratory Procedure for Partial-Wetting Collapse Determination
Partial wetting results in partial collapse, which is linked to the reduction in soil suction caused by wetting. The laboratory procedure presented in this paper represents a modification...

Response of Space Trusses During Progressive Failure

The Effect of Member Snap on Progressive Collapse of Space Structures





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