Book Review: Financial Management for Design Professionals: The Path to Profitability by Steve L. Wintner and Michael Tardif. Chicago: Kaplan AEC Education, 2007

A Model of World Aircraft Demand

Practical Implications of Optimal Space Allocation and Pricing

Council of American Structural Engineers (CASE) Contracts for Structural Engineers

Project Profitability with Trenchless Technology

Increased Profits from Low-head Hydropower Sites

New Approach in Small Hydro: Improve Profitability for Hydropower Developers

Strategic Positioning for Improved Profitability for Engineering and Construction Organizations

Managing Projects for Profit
The section on Project Quality described the necessary steps that must be taken to ensure quality. Namely, ensuring that the project be completed within budget, on time, and that it meet...

The Brenner Base Tunnel - A Project Resume

Small Business in the Construction Industry

Making Construction and Demolition Debris Recycling Profitable: The Roles of Public Policy and Innovative Project Management

Computer-Integrated Construction and CM Firms: A Profitable Combination

Is It Ethical to Profit from a Natural or Man-made Disaster?
When a natural disaster occurs, should engineers charge their usual fees? The winner of the Daniel W. Mead Prize for Younger Members addresses some ethical aspects of this question using...

An Application of MCDM to Product-Based Pavement Management
The Finish National Roads Administration is currently developing it's organization to be more object-oriented and profit-making. This renewal implies to so called product-approach. In...

Going International: Profit or Peril?
Six veterans of the international engineering and construction market discuss the financial risks of international work, including currency risk; expatriate living conditions; difficulties...

Overhead and Profit on Change Orders
Have you ever wondered how many change orders it took to build the Egyptian pyramids or the Great Wall of China? The concepts of overhead, profit, and change orders have been around for...

Managing for Profit
Clients hire firms today for their ability to manage, not just design and draw. Project managers must address owner requirements for cost, quality and schedule. The three are inseparable....

Aspects of Parallel Processing in Reservoir Simulation
Vectorization techniques have proved to be extremely effective for large-scale reservoir simulations. Parallel capabilities hold even greater potential for these enormous problems. Domain...

Economical and Statistical Based On-Farm Irrigation Scheduling
Most irrigation scheduling techniques are not based upon the statistics of the irrigations or economics of irrigated crop production. Traditional irrigation scheduling is based upon average...





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